Charlie cha Sanabria ITER fusion watch

Have you ever noticed that when we think someone is watching, we try harder to do things better? Well, this website is where I record important aspects of my life—so that the almighty God of the Internet watches over me and encourages me to do better.

Charlie Sanabria Picure description

The picture above is a watch to which I removed the dial and replaced it with a cross section of a superconducting wire. Once fully processed, such wire will be about 1 mm in diameter and have exactly the shape you see above (but about 30 times smaller).
This wire design will be part of the ITER fusion reactor.

The website background picture is a conductor made of thousands of superconducting wires, twisted and placed inside a stainless steel tube. Kilometers of this conductor will be transporting about 60,000 amps of current and producing a magnetic field of about 12 tesla (huge!) in order to help drive and control the plasma reaction in the ITER machine.